"A learning community in the Catholic tradition where students are encouraged to reach their potential."


Staff Contact Information

If you would like to speak or meet with any of our staff you may try the email address below or contact the office to make an appointment. Thank you!

Principal Gerald Marion principal@victoryedu.com
Administrative Assistant Joy Gevers olv@victoryedu.com
Kindergarten Maidaline Medina m.medina@victoryedu.com
Grade 1/2 Homeroom A Cristine Talaroc c.talaroc@victoryedu.com
Grade 1/2 Homeroom B Jennifer Boughner j.boughner@victoryedu.com
Grade 3/4 Homeroom C Jennifer Allen j.allen@victoryedu.com
Grade 3/4 Homeroom D Sonia Velasco s.velasco@victoryedu.com
Grade 5/6 Homeroom E Agnus Lucas a.lucas@victoryedu.com
Grade 5/6 Homeroom F Kimberley McKenzie k.mckenzie@victoryedu.com
Grade 7/8 Homeroom G Suzanne Midford s.midford@victoryedu.com
Grade 7/8 Homeroom H Donna Moran d.moran@victoryedu.com
Phys. Ed. David Nepon physed@victoryedu.com
Student Services Marissa Polo studentservices@victoryedu.com
Custodians Rouel Sanga  
Educational Assistants Megan Daley  
  Cheryl Talde  
  Jay Vistal  
  Juan Octavo  
  Rosano Manalastas  

School Bus

Please be ready 5 minutes before your pick up time. If there is an issue with the bus service, please call First Student at 204-253-5942.

Buses will not run if the temperature is colder than -45oC with the windchill based on the weather at the Forks.


Dress appropriately for the weather when coming to school. Use the weather information below. We use the weather information from the Forks to make any weather related discisions.

Upcoming Events

  • Spring Break

  • Immunizations - Grade 6 & 8 boys and girls

  • Good Friday - No School

  • No School - Easter Monday

  • Bake Sale for Camp

  • Freezie Friday for Grad