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Our History

The History of Our Lady of Victory

It was the St. Dominic in the 13th century who took the prayer beads of Paternosters and Aves to formalize what is now known as the rosary of Our Lady. St. Dominic had done this prior to the Battle of Muret in 1213. The knights and others prayed the rosary before battle which led them to triumph; 700 knights against 50,000 Albigensians. The victory was a sign of the power of prayer through the rosary. 

The Battle of Lepanto in 1571, and The Battle of Vienna in 1683, were other battles where praying the rosary seemed to have turned the tides of war. For more information on these wars or more detail about the history of Our Lady of Victory please visit www.olvrc.com/history/olvhistory.html .


Our School History

Our Lady of Victory is a school rich with history and many changes. The school was established in 1949 by Msgr. James K. MacIsaac, and run by the Ursuline Sisters. The school was named after Msgr. James K. MacIsaac in 1949 in his honour, and then changed back to Our Lady of Victory School in the year 1999 to celebrate it's 50th Anniversary. We celebrated our 50th anniversary as a Catholic School committed to high quality teaching and learning to all of God's children.


Msgr. James K. MacIsaac

Our Lady of Victory School was founded by a former pastor, Msgr. James K. MacIsaac. In 1939 Fr. MacIsaac enrolled in the Canadian Arm and rose to the rank of Colonel.  On his return from the war, he had a dream- to build a Parish and School to memorialize those men and women who had sacrificed their lives for their country.  Thus, in 1946, Our Lady of Victory Memorial Parish was established and in 1947 Our Lady of Victory School was opened.  When the 25th Anniversary of the parish was observed in 1971 the Parishioners renamed the school “James K. MacIsaac School” in honor of Msgr. MacIsaac’s complete dedication, tireless efforts and positive leadership.  Then, in 1999, as part of the 50thAnniversary celebrations, it was decided to change the school to its original name – Our Lady of Victory School.


Ursuline Sisters

Sister Elizabeth, Sister Paul, Sister Lillian, and Sister Patricia-Margary McKeon were some of the more recent Ursuline Sisters that have taught at Our Lady of Victory School. Unfortunately, no sisters currently teach at the school but remember their dedication to education and the faith. We will be forever grateful for what you have done for the school.

History of the Ursuline Sisters in Canada

St Angela Merici founded the Company of St Ursula (Brescia, Italy in 1535) for the instruction, education and protection of young girls. Not a religious institute, the order drew women who made a vow of chastity. They lived together as a family, a novel arrangement for young women in those days. Ursuline foundations grew in number and continued as convents and congregations with a connection to the founder. Today, there are cloistered nuns (some living in centralized institutes, some not), sisters (living in about 60 religious congregations) and secular Ursulines (most of them living in companies of St Ursula, as in the 16th century).

The Ursulines who came to Québec in 1639 with the blessed MARIE DE L'INCARNATION were enclosed nuns.

The Ursuline Convent in Québec is the oldest educational institution for women in North America. Ursulines are now found throughout French Canada as well as in foundations at Chatham (1860), Prelate (1912), Bruno (1913), Tildonk (1914) and London (the Ursuline Sisters of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus, 1920).

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School Bus

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Buses will not run if the temperature is colder than -45oC with the windchill based on the weather at the Forks.


Dress appropriately for the weather when coming to school. Use the weather information below. We use the weather information from the Forks to make any weather related discisions.

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