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Benefits of Multiage

Benefits of Being in a Multiage Classroom

There are many benefits for students, staff, and for parents.

  • Classrooms are focuses on the developmental stage of each learner not the age or grade.
    • A child who is boarn December 31 at 11:59 pm and another child who is born 2 minutes later on January 1 at 12:01 am are put in different grades.
    • It seems illogical to think that students are put into a grade based merely by their date of birth.
  • Students learn to be self-motivated by personal reflections and goal setting which drives them to be active learners in the class.
  • Students receive varying methods of instruction for varying abilities and learning styles.
  • Integrating curriculum and using leveled assignments and expectations help to develop skills and allow each student to progress at their own level.
  • There is a greater flexibility when grouping students whether heterogeniously or homogeniously based on need of the situation.
    • ie. reading groups would be homogeniously so all can read at the same level
    • ie. science/social studies projects would be heterogeniously so the strong student can help guide and provide support in areas others are weak (reading, writing, online research, etc.) 
  • Students stay in the same classroom with the same teacher for 2 years.
    • Normally you are stuck in the same classroom with the same students from k-8. Every 2 years there is a chance to mix things up.
    • This provides opportunities for ongoing relationships with the same teachers, to minimize adjustment to new routines, and increase instructional time.
    • Returning students help mentor the new incoming students about routine and classroom rules.

School Bus

Please be ready 5 minutes before your pick up time. If there is an issue with the bus service, please call First Student at 204-253-5942.

Buses will not run if the temperature is colder than -45oC with the windchill based on the weather at the Forks.


Dress appropriately for the weather when coming to school. Use the weather information below. We use the weather information from the Forks to make any weather related discisions.

Upcoming Events

  • Spring Break

  • Immunizations - Grade 6 & 8 boys and girls

  • Good Friday - No School

  • No School - Easter Monday

  • Bake Sale for Camp

  • Freezie Friday for Grad