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Numeracy Initiative

Numeracy Initiative

Literacy is the basic foundation of almost all learning in school. If you are unable to read or write then how are you able to become an independant learner as you will have to rely on others to assist you. Our numeracy initiative takes on the same vision. How are students to become competent in math when they cannot compute basic math facts or operations? We use Teacher Assisted Instruction (TAI) that was developed by Linda Eberhart in the USA. TAI is an individualized math computation program that differentiates math instruction to meet each student’s needs.  A series of over 40 booklets provides practice for each computation skill - ranging from basic addition to decimals and percents. Students work at their own pace as the teacher gives immediate feedback on a students progress giving intervention if errors are being made or the go ahead to move onto the next booklet. This program is typically done for 15 minutes a day. 

School Bus

Please be ready 5 minutes before your pick up time. If there is an issue with the bus service, please call First Student at 204-253-5942.

Buses will not run if the temperature is colder than -45oC with the windchill based on the weather at the Forks.


Dress appropriately for the weather when coming to school. Use the weather information below. We use the weather information from the Forks to make any weather related discisions.

Upcoming Events

  • Spring Break

  • Immunizations - Grade 6 & 8 boys and girls

  • Good Friday - No School

  • No School - Easter Monday

  • Bake Sale for Camp

  • Freezie Friday for Grad