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Literacy Initiative

Literacy Initiative

We recognize that student literacy is crucial to student success. Early intervention can correct and get students back on track so they don't have to struggle in the higher grades. Our dedication to student's learning is of the highest priority and our literacy program will help us achieve this.

We use various strategies and programs to address literacy issues; guided reading, Daily 5, 1-1 pullout, small group pull out, Reading Mastery Plus, Fountas and Pinnell, Scholastics Leveled Reading books, Raz Kids, and Corrective Reading Decoding Series.

Guided Reading

Guided Reading is typically done with the resource teacher or EA and the classroom teacher who will work with small groups of children at similar levels to read and work on reading, word-knowledge, plot, summarizing, grammar, comprehension and fluency. These small groupings and guided reading blocks allows the teacher to work closely with each student to help them become better readers by introducing them to increasingly challenging books while meeting the varying instructional needs of each child in the room.  Students are reassessed as the year progresses and regrouped according to their reading levels so their individual needs are always being met.  Books are assigned guided reading levels based on several general expectations and capabilities of a reader.  The reading levels range from A, representing the lowest level, to Z, the highest level.  As the levels progress, the books become more difficult. 

Daily 5

Daily 5 is a teaching strategy that uses learning centres to have kids be independent and practice various ELA skills (reading, writing, spelling, etc.). Students will rotate to different stations at set time intervals. During this time, there is an opportunity to meet with the teacher to get help in needed areas or do guided reading.

Reading Master Plus

Reading Master Plus is a comprehensive reading program.  New concepts and skills are taught by the resource teacher in small steps to ensure success the first time, avoiding time-consuming and repetitious re-teaching.

It helps students to develop fluency, become independent and highly skilled readers. Students have ample opportunity to practice all concepts and skills so they achieve mastery and develop efficient strategies for learning.  Entry-level assessment and continuous monitoring of progress make it easy to quickly identify students needing specialized instruction.

Fountas and Pinnell

The Fountas & Pinnell is a small-group, intervention system designed for children who find reading and writing difficult. It is designed to bring children quickly up to grade-level competency—in 14 to 18 weeks on average. Fountas & Pinnell is used in guided reading to assess students and in small group pull out for those who need additional support.

Scholastics Leveled Reading Books

We have hundreds of leveled books from A-Z that have been picked by Scholastics for this set for specific reasons whether it be grammar, genre, theme, vocabulary or any other various components a book can offer. We have several copies of each book for guided reading or small group purposes.

Raz Kids

Raz-Kids' self-paced assignments deliver appropriately leveled books and quizzes for kids to read. Students automatically progress to the next level upon successful completion of an assigned level. With a robust collection of features that empower students to improve their reading while making it fun. K-4 and select grade 5-8 students are automatically enrolled in Raz-Kids.

Corrective Reading

Corrective Reading focuses on decoding and comprehension, two skills crucial for readers in grades 3 and up who are one or more years behind. It addresses the wide range of deficits many older learners face and gives them the structure and practice they need to overcome those deficits. The resource teacher and EAs use this in small group pull-outs.

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