Thursday Jul 24th

Our School - Hot Lunch

Lunch Ordering

Our Lady of Victory School has an online ordering system to streamline the hot lunch process. This system is easy to use as it calculates the totals for you.

Fill out the online form, one form per child. Click submit and then print a copy to send to school with your payment. If you click remember me, your personal information will be filled in automatically the next time you use the ordering system.

All payments should be in a sealed envelope. Marked on the outside with child’s name, grade and the amount enclosed.

Due date for June orders was Wednesday, May 28th, 2014. Check back here later for next month's menu

Children need well-balanced meals for good physical, mental, emotional and social development. Indeed, good nutrition is critical to student achievement. The better nourished student will generally have better attendance, be more attentive and have more energy to cope with the challenges of the school-day.

The goal of the hot lunch program, at Our Lady of Victory School, is to ensure that all our pupils have the opportunity of receiving high quality, nutritionally balanced, affordable meals, during each school day. The lunches contain a variety of foods and offer students exposure to new and exciting choices. For example, the children get to try foods to which they may not be accustomed, such as those with an international flavour. Through the program, students learn good nutrition habits that provide a basis for better health throughout their lives.

The program provides meals that are consistent with Dietary Guidelines and current scientific nutritional recommendations. The program is reinforced by the teaching staff in the class rooms and focuses on:

  • Eating for health - meeting the dietary guidelines
  • Making food choices - nutrition education
  • Maximising resources - getting the best value
Monthly menus are planned to incorporate dietary guidelines, including; an increase in fibre and a reduction in fat, sugar and salt. Menus are planned at the School level to incorporate suggestions and preferences from parents.