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Our Lady of Victory School offers an affordable quality Pre K-Grade 8 education to children from all religious backgrounds. Our approach to education is one where staff, students and parents work together to promote an environment within which each student can achieve his / her full potential and become positive role models. Indeed, we are committed to maintaining a safe environment that fosters creativity, responsibility and the development of relationships that are essential to growth and a strong sense of self worth.


Under Construction - the calendar is currently under construction. Please use the following PDF to view the upcoming months school schedule.

School Calendar for 2014-15 school year (last updated Oct. 1, 2014)

Boys Volleyball Schedule for 2014-15 school year (last updated Oct. 7, 2014)


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The goal of our staff is to provide a well-rounded educational experience. This includes:

- A volunteer program wherein children from the senior grades actively participate in community activites.

- A buddy program wherein children from the senior grades assist in reading and writing with the younger children.

- A curriculum that is enriched with Computer Technology, French & Music classes, and

- An active sports program developing the children's physical fitness to the best of the individual ability.

- If you would like to speak or meet with any of our staff please do not hesitate to Contact the school to make an appointment. Thank you!

School Board

Our School Board participates in decision making in specific areas of responsibilities. School Board meetings are held monthly. The board supports and endorses open communication with all stakeholders.

2015-2015 School Board

Walter Krawec - Chairperson

Yolo Ortiz - Treasurer

Robert Sullivan - Secretary

Bernard Sheehan

Fr. Wayne

Suzanne Macduff

Are you interested in Our Lady of Victory School and would like to help out in some way? Maybe the School Board could be something that might interest you. We meet on the second Tuesday of every month for an hour or two to discus what is happening in the school and the direction it might take. If you are interested, come to the office and talk to Mr. Marion about it.

- Download a copy of the OLV By-Laws -


The Parent Advisory Council performs a wide variety of functions for the benefit of our students (Hot Lunch Program, fundraising that would be put towards student needs). The Council also provides a forum for communication between the home and the school so that parents and educators work as partners in the education of our students. All parents and guardians of children attending Our Lady of Victory School are members of the Council. The PAC meetings are open to all parents and the council is always looking for dedicated parents to take on executive positions. Please contact the school to see how you may be of service.

Rhonda is the currect PAC President.

Hot Lunch

The Hot Lunch Menu is no longer available. The Deadline was November 21. If you have placed an order, please make sure you pay the office by Wednesday, Novermber 26.


Children need wellbalanced meals for good physical, mental, emotional and social development. Indeed, good nutrition is critical to student achievement. The better nourished student will generally have better attendance, be more attentive and have more energy to cope with the challenges of the schoolday. The goal of the Hot Lunch Program, at Our Lady of Victory School, is to ensure that all our pupils have the opportunity of receiving high quality, nutritionally balanced, affordable meals, during each school day. The lunches contain a variety of foods and offer students exposure to new and exciting choices. For example, the children get to try foods to which they may not be accustomed, such as those with an international flavour. Through the program, students learn good nutrition habits that provide a basis for better health throughout their lives. The program provides meals that are consistent with Dietary Guidelines and current scientific nutritional recommendations. The program is reinforced by the teaching staff in the class rooms and focuses on:

- Eating for health meeting the dietary guidelines

- Making food choices nutrition education

- Maximising resources getting the best value

Monthly menus are planned to incorporate dietary guidelines, including; an increase in fibre and a reduction in fat, sugar and salt. Menus are planned at the School level to incorporate suggestions and preferences from parents.